Monday, October 25, 2010

Student Experience - Gladesville PS

Our Kahootz experience was enjoyable but there were a few minor problems along the way. We discovered very early on in our Kahootz experience that some of the effects didn’t work and it was very difficult to use some of the worlds and objects. Even though we had some problems we still all managed to finish our games. Our games were all based on the theme gold, which is what we have been learning about.

I would recommend this program to Year 5 and above as it is quite complicated to use, sometimes it quit unexpectedly and it was frustrating. No one in our class had ever used Kahootz before so we all learnt how to use the software. We also learnt a lot more about animation and game design as we completed the game. We were so proud of our games. It was a real accomplishment.

Chloe Year 5

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  1. Thank you Chloe for giving us a student perspective on designing games with Kahootz. I was very impressed to read that despite your frustration with some of the technical problems you had with Kahootz, you still persisted and finished your games. You deserve to feel proud of your accomplishment and I am looking forward to playing some of the games your class created. Congratulations :)