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For enquiries on the Game Design project or how to be involved, contact:
Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre,
Building C5B Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW 2109
Tel: 02 9850 4310
Fax: 02 9850 4311
Twitter: @macict

Our Vision
Exploring and realising the potential of emerging information and communication technologies to transform learning and teaching within a dynamic research community

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre (MacICT) is a collaboration between the NSW DEC Northern Sydney Region and Macquarie University. We have a project-based approach to working with K-12 teachers and their students. MacICT develops comprehensive teacher professional learning and support programs where MacICT staff, academic research partners from Macquarie University and school teachers collaboratively develop projects that utilise the most innovative, emerging technologies to address syllabus outcomes while meeting the individual needs of all K-12 teachers and their students, ensuring that our services remain relevant to all schools and contemporary by nature. MacICT is able to connect and collaborate with educational institutions and industry partners to inform the education community and provide significant research insights into the capacity of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

At MacICT we believe that learning how to use technology is not enough; the heart of 21st century learning is about becoming a proficient and independent lifelong learner. Our activities promote this through an inquiry-based approach to learning where students are encouraged to collaborate and be creative in solving open ended challenges.