Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Our Way...

Hi my name is Laura and I am a year 5 teacher at Collaroy Plateau PS. After attending the TPL at MacICT I decided to go ahead with the Game Design Project. It was a full-on day of learning and I came away enthused but also a little apprehensive, wondering whether I would be able to teach Kahootz well enough to my students for them to be able to understand the basics in order to create a game. I shouldn't have worried - not because I was spectacular at teaching it but because they have no fear and just jumped right in and went for it.

The students have really enjoyed the training phase and many of them go to the library at lunchtime and continually create or update their expressions. We are about to start the written phase of the project and are scheduled to have our VC with Anthony next week. So it will be interesting to see how the students actually move from 'mucking around' with Kahootz to actually creating a game. They will be working in pairs, and the game will be loosely based on our HSIE unit 'Gold!'.

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  1. Thanks so much for you post. I am so glad to read that your group has embraced the project so enthusiastically and enjoyed learning how to use Kahootz. Like you, I continue to be amazed at how easily my own students embrace technology and I find that sometimes as a teacher it is best to get out of the way and let them fly.

    Anthony and I look forward to catching up with you and your class during our 'Good Game Design' Video Conference and I can't wait to see some of the gold games your students create!