What is the Game Design Project?

The Game2Design project is available to all interested teachers who would like to be involved in a project that provides meaningful and powerful engagement for their students in a relevant and challenging activity.
We encourage teachers to introduce their students to designing games through a project based approach and have developed training workshops and resources to support teachers in this endeavour. This includes:

  • 'Good Game Design' workshops for teachers and students
  • Software training workshops in Kodu, Kahootz and mobile apps such as ARIS and Scvngr
  • Game Design bootcamps - these are immersive experiences for teachers and students usually run over 1 to 2 days at the Centre but adapted to meet school needs.
  • access to our Invasion of the Shadow Plague Kodu metagame
  • ongoing support to teachers provided through video conference facilities, Edmodo groups, email and phone.
Accreditation with the Institute of Teachers is provided when criteria is met through participating in our workshops,bootcamps and projects.