Who are the Game Design Team?

The Members of the Game Design Team

Our team consists of: Cathie Howe (Project Leader), Anthony Fennell (Project Officer) and Simon Hutchison (Kodu Project Assistant).

Cathie pioneered the Game Design project at MacICT back in 2007, and under her supervision it has grown into the exciting project we have today. For 4 years Cathie has been deployed 1 to 2 days/ week at the Centre while spending the rest of her time teaching at Cromer Public School. In 2010, Cathie won the NSW Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award for her work with Kodu at her school. In 2011, Cathie spent semester 1 working with 450 students from years 3 - 6 on the Invasion of the Shadow Plague Kodu metagame and, has been deployed full time in Semester 2 to MacICT. When not working or researching, Cathie loves playing Wii or xbox games with her children and her current favourite PC game is Portal 2. She still retains fond memories of Lode Runner.

Since 2012, Cathie has been managing MacICT.

Anthony joined the team in term 1, 2010. He designs games in his spare time - having studied ICT and Game Design as a part of his Communications Degree. He believes the best way to learn how to make games is to play games and often finds the time to do more 'research'. Currently Anthony is studying to become a primary school teacher and on Thursdays and Fridays he can be found at MacICT.

Simon is a classroom teacher who joined the team in Term 3, 2010. His role is to help establish our next project - Game Design with Kodu. He teaches his composite 5/6 class at Gordon East Public School for most of the week and on Thursdays, he can be found at MacICT. He still finds time however, to hold coveted spots in three online gamer clans.

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