Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3dedrats - A Month of Festivities

Recently at MacICT we have launched our new 3dedrats festival celebrating the latest 3D technologies in education, arts and sciences. We invite you to come join us and play with robots, virtual worlds and video games!

3dedrats is an exciting opportunity to get involved in games, virtual worlds, robotics, arts and science in Australian contemporary education.
Throughout the month of October there will be world first interactive experiences, events, fun competitions, exhibitions and workshops designed for students, families, schools and the general public.
Participation is open to a worldwide audience through online content and virtual experiences as well as events held at multiple venues such as Macquarie University and Sydney College of the Arts. Aimed at all ages, the 3dedrats festival will include world class experiences. Click on the images below to find out how you can be involved:

Right now, if you have a flair for writing, enter our GAME backstory narrative writing competition for a chance to win a prize. The most popular narratives will be chosen to be used in our next challenge - designing a game! Read more on how to enter our competition on the 3dedrats website.

How Video Games are Changing Education - Infographics

Check out this infographic with information provided by Online Colleges

Video Games and Education
Via: Online Colleges Guide