Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Post :)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sally and I teach a very mixed ability 5/6 at Greenwich Public School. We recently spent the better part of a day at MacICT "cramming" the first few hours of the project into one day (due to time and technology restraints). The day went really well and the kids were all extremely engaged and were all super keen to get started. However, that was last term and I'm sure they have forgotten most of it, but once we get back into it I'm hoping it will all come rushing back (time will tell!).

I was impressed how most of the kids who picked things up really fast were willing to help their friends and teach each other, that made my job 1000 times easier!

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  1. Thanks so much for your blog post Sally. We did have a pretty intense day of training with your students but I was very impressed at how much they got through in one day. Hopefully they haven't forgotten too much and we are looking forward to seeing how they go with designing and building their games. Keep us posted :)