Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Engaging Learners through Innovative Practice

Like Anthony in his previous post, I found the Office of Schools Conference a rewarding two days and you can read my reflections about the Conference on my blog. Within the next couple of weeks, Angelica and Indigo, the two students who presented along side us, will be blogging about their experience as participants in the Game Design project and presenting to a cross section of members from the NSW Department of Education. Along with teacher, Judy Farr, who also presented with us at the Conference, I want to thank them for their valuable, engaging and, at times, humorous insight into students as game designers.


  1. Hey Cathie and Ant. Fabulous day yesterday. Can see so many advantages in being fully involved in the Kahootz project. Love your work!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Lizzie. It's great to hear that you are keen to be involved in the game design project. We are looking forward to having you on board!