Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kahootz in High School

Hi, my name is Simone Polly and I am currently using Kahootz as part of a PDHPE unit of work for year 8 students at North Sydney Girls High School. I have found this software an exciting and dynamic medium for my students to engage with and one which lends itself to their love of technology and computer games. My own experience with computer and video games has been extensive which I feel has aided me in both understanding and enhancing my use of Kahootz.
The key strength of Kahootz in my classroom has been its inherent ability to foster a collaborative and supportive approach to school work.

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  1. Thanks for writing a blog post Simone. It's great to hear how much your Year 8 students are enjoying working with Kahootz and using it to design games. We look forward to hearing how your students progress with building their games!