Monday, May 10, 2010

First thoughts

Hello. My name is Debra Lade and I am currently teaching an all boys Year 3/4 class at West Pennant Hills Public School. I taught at Winston Hills several years ago and whilst I was there I participated in a 40hour teach to the future computer course. After participating in this course my interest in teaching students lessons through the use of ICT has continued to develop. Last year I experimented with Video conferencing (Cuddie-cuddie project). I enjoyed the first project so much I decided I would try something new again...this is how I discovered Kahootz. Prior to the training day my experience with any gaming software had been minimal and I am still trying to navigate my way around 3D worlds without colliding :)

After finally gaining access to the software at the beginning of this term my class had their first 'real' lesson two weeks ago. They loved it! During all of the lessons every boy in the class has been thoroughly engaged. It is wonderful to watch them communicate with one another as they discover a new and improved way to do something. In each lesson there have been at least two students say..."Mrs Lade I worked out a quicker way to..."

I can already tell that this project will be a huge success. If it is raining and we are inside then the boys are playing with Kahootz. Really looking forward to teaching them some more skills so they can begin to make their games.

Will write again soon - Mrs L :)

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  1. Great post Debra. It's exciting to hear that your Year 3/4 boys are enjoying playing with Kahootz. We look forward to hearing how they go when designing and building their own games.