Friday, June 25, 2010

MacICTGameDesign on the SS5A

The leaky boat has been fixed and we're up and sailing! The kids are at the helm whilst their teacher manns the lifeboat-so far she's the only one that 's really needed it!

Overall, the students in 5A have responded very well. They have all managed to produce some very appropriate and cleverly designed games and have all been very keen to work on and finish their games. Many of the students have given up lunchtimes to work on their projects in the classroom.
We've only lost the keel a couple of times in that a couple of children have found it somewhat stressful. I think that's due to the time frame and speed at which they had to accommodate the 'new language' of Kahootz.

On the other hand, one parent said that 'Kahootz' is her son's favourite time of the week!
Both of the children who have been chosen to present their Kahootz expressions at the ICT Conference in the school holidays have been more than happy to write speeches and prepare for their presentations.
For myself, I have learned to overcome my initial trepidation and am keen for my kids to teach(re-teach) me, during my lunchhours, to create an 'expression'. I'm now keen to master this foreign language!

A suggestion I have for the future, is to slow down the teaching/learning time to enable all students, of varying abilities(and ages!!), to feel confident about their skill acquisition and subsequent ability to design their own game. Minimise stress, maximise participation!

I feel the project has been very worthwhile as it has added a new dimension to my students' learning and a new medium for problem solving and creative expression ie curriculum enrichment. Many thanks to Cathie and Anthony, (the lighthouses!), for their constant guidance and creation of the project. ...Glad to have been invited aboard!

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  1. It is always so enjoyable to read your posts Paula. Your feedback is invaluable to help us improve the Game Design project. It has been a rewarding experience to work with your class and to see them building some very clever and challenging games linked to their class book, Rowan of Rin.

    I know that this project was a big challenge for you and I want to thank you being brave enough to 'step onto the boat', and for remaining committed to the project even though at times the boat seemed a bit 'leaky'. Your willingness to learn how to use the software and work with your students has been such a fabulous model for your class to witness.